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Scent Your Business

What defines your business?  What is your brand?  What is the identity of your business?

Most people would answer these questions in terms of the products you sell, your logo and marketing, the visual aspects of your business, and the image they have after visiting your business.  Many times though, the sense of smell might be what triggers a memory for your customers.

Have you ever imagined creating a scent for your business that is unique to your brand and clearly differentiates you from everyone else?  Businesses spend so much time creating the perfect visual appearance, however often times, a customer’s experience is impacted more by scent than the visual aspects.  Scent links directly to memory and emotion, and people make decisions based on their mood and emotions.  Why not give yourself an opportunity and an advantage to create a unique identity for your business?

Call or e-mail us, or stop in and visit our store so we can help improve the identity of your business! 


Let Scentcerely Yours help raise money to support a good cause!

Are you looking for a unique and memorable way to support a school, sports club, church, group, or your community?  At Scentcerely Yours, you can select from a variety of candle jars and scents to offer a unique item to family, friends, or anyone looking to contribute to a worthy cause.  Isn’t it time to differentiate yourself from the traditional fundraising efforts and items sold?  Now you have the opportunity to do that with Scentcerely Yours!

There are a few options that we offer to help meet your organization’s needs.


Our traditional fundraising option is very simple…your group takes orders for candles, we pour them, and you distribute them.  We will provide an order form for our best selling scented candles.  You pick the jar for the candle.  There are no minimum quantities to order.  You purchase the candles from us at a discounted price and then sell them at the retail price, and the profit is yours to support your organization!  The more candles you sell, the more we can discount them, so that’s even more money for your cause!


This option is simple, yet very effective.  You pick a day, and a certain percentage of retail sales from that day will go to your organization.  Your fundraiser will run all day during normal business hours.  The more people you bring in, the more money you will raise!

To help promote your fundraising effort, we would like you to book a candle-pouring party on the day of your fundraiser.  This will help to get people in the store and support your worthy cause.  We ask that anyone who visits the store that day mentions your organization.

Call or e-mail us if you are interested in our fundraising options.  We look forward to helping your organization!

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